My first Q & A…

A lovely follower on Twitter , a prospective adopter, recently asked if they could pick my brains…Realising my perspective came from two directions as both adoptee and adopter I guess I can offer some insight fairly unique to the process of adoption. It really is a mine-field  so I was more than happy to be asked and obliged…. Here goes…

Big one first should I read The Primal Wound, I mentioned it to our SW & she said it was very heavy & directed me more towards Dan Hughes books.

primal wound

The Primal Wound – Understanding the Adopted Child

Ok I haven’t read The Primal wound but I’ve spent the last few days studying reviews and reading exerts prior to replying to you..
My first instinct is that it is a fairly emotive and a adopter discouraging read …
I also believe it is actually aimed more towards the Adoptee than the adopter.
That said be careful with some of these books as they are often simply one person’s experience and if in this case that is a negative one the book gives only one side of the process.
I do think reading as much as you can is a good idea and will list some books I read..
Not to brag but I am told in good faith that my own book is a good reference for  both adopter and adoptee…mainly due to my honest detail about the emotional impact of adoption on the whole family…
My own journey may help you understand what’s to come and prepare for it.

Black Sheep Sweet Dreams – Adoption Journal

One review on The Primal wound was by a relinquishing Birth Mother.She wrote that she felt punished by the book. That review alone stopped me from grabbing a copy on audible.No one needs to read that….it’s unfair and disparaging of this and other BM who really have no choice, including my own and let’s face it are providing us with a special gift.It is true that as adopters you are giving that child a loving home and that’s the only thing the SW and workshop bumf bangs on about.One of my blog posts details exactly how much the child is bringing to the party and I think this should be more of a focus during the assessment process..however back to that particular book ….don’t. Dan Hughes books are good.but there are others..It is possible that local authorities are lazy and find one author ,share it and spread word he’s the best..don’t buy his books..find his videos on Utube,that’s what we did ,saves fortunes

.but be sure to read what is relevant to your don’t read a book on attachment for traumatized children of 6+ if adopting a baby for example..we sat through a whole afternoon talking about autism knowing it was at that point irrelevant.The assessment paints a very negative and bleak picture of adoption without any respite..It is also very rewarding lol…I like this book
Hope link works
It’s more neutral ..Dan’s books are mainly about dealing with trauma which you have to weigh up how much traima that is for the child you get.For example…our boy was removed at birth and had one interaction in 10 months with BM..she had no interest and he was unaffected .WE were his first and hopefully last traumatic experience..we removed him the the other end of the country ,first time on long journey etc and he was a trouper…since he’s flown long haul,loved it, been dragged around the country on trips and met oodles of new people in a year…happiest boy u could wish for.Proof positive that the trauma we caused was soon forgotten and never triggered again…that is because of his age.An older child will carry trauma unseen for years before a trigger kicks off reaction.I could also tell you my own trigger unbeknown until recently…but you have to subscribe to my blog and wait lol…
I make no apology for long answers to your questions…I figure you will benefit or you wouldn’t have asked me  right?😊
I bought many books during assessment ,read very few to be fair but had them on the coffee table when SW came over lol…the ones I did read were my choice and not theirs…I’m awkward like that…I read An Adoption Diary by Maria James….we both did and he commented how badly written it was..i found it bitty and negative but was personal to  the author so hard to review before..The Adoption by Anne Berry,I read this before we decided to adopt and only cos my mum had it in her book club…good read..and I liked the fact it wasn’t a predictable ending….I bought Related by Adoption…suggest good for prospective Gran parents …unless they are like my mother in law who tried everything in her power to stop us adopting.
Books on attachment will be good ….if you have other kids get books introducing them to adoption…like Toddler Adoption..
Depends on the age again so let me know and I will find ones age related for you and yours…
Spend little ….go library as you will never read them again I promise you …the one book they insist you fork out for is about amphibian brain etc but I can’t recall title…when I can I’ll hunt it out and let u know…suffice to say I read enough to answer questions if quizzed in workshop…
Your individual circumstances will differ but we also gave our daughter How I Became a Big Sister
As a way of telling her her wish had come true
big sister
Other books I sourced for my own interest: Split at the Root: A Memoir of Love and Lost Identity
philomenaAnd for my baby boy….
i love you book

Do think that nature & nurture can have equal footing for children who are adopted? I am not adopted, however my cousin is & her & my Aunt are two peas in a pod, I guessing that’s maybe unusual? 

I always believe nature and nurture are not exactly on an equal footing and can be identified as two distinct processes in raising a child. For example , if a child has trauma from a early life experience it is less likely to be as receptive to nurture in the first instance as a child from no trauma. My understanding of nurture is that it is about supporting a child’s needs surrounding it with love and ensuring protection from rejection and more trauma. Nature is not necessarily exclusively down to genetics but to upbringing through shared dynamics , only partly due to biology. For example;. My mother is often told how much I am like her , based on mannerisms and foibles and sense of humour etc yet this would be seen as a nature trait but it cant be as my genetics are opposite. Therefore we are alike due to habits I’ve learned via Nurture but differ due to ingrained genetic traits I came with from my BM. It might make more sense reading the chapter Nurture V Nature in my book.
Shared interests and knowledge will become common ground and hence your cousin is so alike her mother. My little man has been with us a year and is so like all of us humour, temperament etc and its adapting to environment that does that..cheeky as you like and even laughs at his own farts, exactly like his Daddy!!

A lot of the adoptees who I follow have felt their differences very keenly between themselves&their adoptive family & it’s been very upsetting for them. I wonder if it’s possible to help a child to feel those differences less somehow? Looking from both sides could you see a way to help do this or do you think the differences too great between the child/ren & the adoptive parent? 
OK firstly I want to warn you that many of the adoptees you and I follow  on Twitter have not opened their accounts to spread joy and cheer…they use the forums to vent and blame their lives decisions and outcomes on being adopted. I’m not saying everyone adopted does this but there are many and actually they do piss me off .
They don’t even accept a balanced view from adoptees who have had positive experiences because they don’t want to consider they were just unlucky!? I’m not belittling I am just saying be sure to seek out the opposing view for balance.
I have demons , issues whatever you wanna call them but none of them are at the blame of my adopters.
So who do you blame??
They blame adoption itself as if it is some voodoo type thing that has blighted so many lives.
That is , and I say this with respect, Bullshit!
In fact I will tell you a story…I was adopted in the late 60s , an era steeped in racism and bigotry. So very unconventionally I was adopted by a white family with two natural boys ..I had the best upbringing my parents could give me, great education and as much love as I needed to become the person I am now. I differ 99% from all of them.( the 1% is our name!LOL). I am confident (on the surface, of course I have wobbles underneath) a doer and a risk taker. They are all introvert, reluctant to take a risk and lack confidence. Going back to the question above, this is my NATURE as it is pretty much 80% same as BM.
However a half sister on my BM side, again adopted by a white family is arrogant, aggressive, secretive and blames adoption for every grown up cock up in her life. She  would shout how hard done by she’s been if anyone would listen.
Again, great upbringing , lots of love, good education yet something stops her from accepting her adoption. NO clue what that is but means we are as different as we could possibly be..
Agreed we don’t share BF DNA but I am close to my BM as we are so alike..she wont have anything to do with her for her own reasons, but mostly I believe its because shes bitter and takes the rejection as the first of a lifetime of rejections…therefore her difference to me is tangible and I suspect same with her adoptive parents…
How can anyone know if the child will be like the parent even in natural childbirth?
Basically You cant!! I do know I am like both my AM and my BM in different ways for both…I’m unlike my siblings of course but that’s life, love them nevertheless as know nothing else.
I love a half sister already after a couple of months on my BF side simply because its already clear we are so alike..the other half sister was a bonkers mess yet we share BM DNA . That’s where our connection ends.
My point is your child will be your child, like my boy is as much mine as my natural girl, they are like sponges…soak up every last thing they see…hes potty trained in a week! hes mimicked his sister from day one and takes direct instruction from us all like hes twice his age…a very advanced toddler…
Hes not biologically of my DNA but to anyone looking at our family he’s quickly morphed into all  of us.
Wearing the Smile
Adoptees who say how different they feel from their families?
I do agree with this statement BUT its no bad thing if that makes sense. Its true we differ in many ways but are very alike in others and that’s normal. I know natural children who differ so much from their families too and again it rarely matters..
Thankfully my own husband differs almost 100% from his and that is good as we wouldn’t stay together if this were not the case 🙂
Don’t let the Twitter Twats make you feel you are doing anything other than an amazing thing. I am proud to know you and we’ve never met! As an adoptee I try to focus on what I had/have and not what I might have had , mainly as it would have been shit and my BM would be inclined to agree .Read between the lines when you see negative on there ..had they been naturally raised by birth family they may still have negative shit to say then too..its the GIG effect (Grass is Greener effect) and not fair on people who don’t know where or what they came from..Paints a picture that’s one sided you know? I have admired many posters then they jump on a positive adoptee (like me) without knowing anything about their background or where they may have been raised had they not been adopted.
Am a believer that adoption itself isn’t the problem, how the person accepts it is….
Hope that helps…..
Lots of love
Black Sheep  xx
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Watch “RACISM • STAMP IT OUT!” on YouTube

So proud of my daughter..please watch and share with #stampitout

Pretty proud of my first full head braids too if I’m honest 😊😍

Thanks in advance

Much love Black Sheep xxx

Not Just An Ordinary Year

Some of you already know …a year to the day we met our new addition with a view to bringing him home. We were to become his forever family..details of this journey are to follow but feeling emotional this Easter knowing how important a date this weekend is for all of us. So, as is my way I am feeling poetic and compelled to try and sum up how I feel…

A Boy Born for Us

Who can imagine a year to the day..we travelled far to finally put this plan underway

A car packed with clothes,toys and supplies…not forgetting essentials like his beer and my wine

With a promise of adding to our welcoming brood… a sibling, a blessing ,a much wanted son

As miles became inches, this journey well travelled

Much imagined, on reality has really only just begun

We’ve found you, you’ve waited,my sweet boy we are coming

Despite determined opposition ,my sweet boy, Mummy is coming

So we meet for the first time,just a few hours to say Hi

Our nerves on high alert, I’m not gonna lie

You’ve seen photos, heard voices so You’ve nothing to fear

Asleep when we get there but you sense we are near

Those precious first moments of recognition, you’re shy and you’re coy

Its mutual love at first sight with this cute baby boy

As eyes meet eyes, in that split second your life is turned upside down

The trauma they speak of has just arrived

You see, we are that trauma, the upheaval you’ve survived

You are aware of these strangers, yet know us already

Your sister has gifts, a new jumper, a bib and a well chosen Teddy

It’s an easy few days of following routine… bonding so instant as if in a dream

We take trips to the park to share quality time

A push on a swing and see-saw to share

I notice the detail, like you have the same hair

The likeness uncanny and remains so today

Your big sister’s your idol, for guidance and play

You’ve bonded for life,the connection was clear

We all saw it and knew it,the memory I hold dear

It’s impossible to imagine before you, for sure

An adored family member sharing memories and more

Forget tears and the worry to get to this meeting

The stress and the fear now seem pointless and fleeting

I make you this promise a year since we met

I will cherish, adore you and never regret

You’re cheeky beyond but adorably funny

You have character more open than Pooh Bear with Honey

My heart is aglow with love for this boy

Those who apposed this union can’t steal our joy

We did a good thing here, of this I am sure

Adoption is giving him a life of love, safe and pure

My own experience gives me insight into how he’ll be raised….

No need congratulations or to be praised

What I know is a year today my life came unstuck

This bub is a minx and I’ll need all the luck!

But he’s endearingly cute and was sent from above…

A blessing, a godsend who just needed Love xxx

Lots of Love

Black Sheep


Great News for Adopters and Adoptees!!

DfE announces five more regional adoption agencies

.anything to speed this process has to be a good mate final got date to meet her potential 6 year old daughter after two bloody years..that’s two years more trauma,two years less loving parenting..makes me mad..last week I had to persuade her not to give up as she was saying one more.week and we move on…thank God she said it to me so I could pick her up..I said your little girl needs you…that’s what’s important..She will me the most amazing Mummy and her partner already a proven great dad.This is great news…now just need more and country wide….but it is a good start..well done the DFE 😊

The Road To Adoption – A Decision

..I know….I know it’s been an age.Well if I’m honest I’ve not had time to scratch my backside let alone blog . However, a recent revelation has prompted me almost like a trigger to offload ……

to free up memory. Rather like a defrag or mass delete in my PC when it starts to get sluggish?

So here I am….this next part of my life journey is almost a repeat of the first..well almost…

You see, decisions are made and then we run with them and before we know it we are on another road to Discovery ….this time prompted by Hubby….

Remember him – solid, dependable, supportive, rational handsome hubby 😘

Let me take you back to where this new journey began.. January 2016.

As is his way, he had come up with an awesome Birthday surprise of a weekend away with a mystery concert. With no clue where we were going or who we were seeing I loved the ongoing intrigue. We arrived at Bristol airport lounge and were greeted by the pompous concierge..I never know why they act all posh..they know most folks use them to a) full their boots with excessive amounts of beer and wine over breakfast…..even at that cost it’s cheaper than the airport cafes and bars b) to be sure not to lose any of their party and c) to avoid people en masse. My pet hate at an airport is being jostled and knocked by wheelie cases! If folk in Asda had the same piss poor directional issues with a shopping trolley it would be absolute Carnage…ankles sliced open and Western style why the hell aren’t people more mindful with a suitcase *stamps foot..

I we are signing in at the lounge and Pompous says..”Your flight to Gdansk boards at 12.45 Sir,enjoy your stay with us this morning..” Now, I’m ashamed to say that despite having visited my beloved Krakow many times..I was still non-the-wiser as to where we were going….So I said Fab…where’s that? Hubby laughed and reminded me of news reports that stuck in our minds of the Gdansk dock workers union battles in the 80s..Ahhh I now know where we are headed but not why!!!He tells me he couldn’t say as I would be straight onto my besties and they’d quickly Google to see what was on in Gdansk and the game would be up. He offers to tell me but I say “No, I’m enjoying the secret..but it better be worth it”..He assures me it will be.

We arrive to a below freezing climate but I’m wrapped up well in my fancy Desigual coat, a duty free gift from our last Birthday trip to Prague…the man is a saint isn’t he!? 😍

The hotel is beautiful, Five star with chrome fixtures and marble floors in the lobby. A small rotund man trots over to grab our cases before we even check in!! Bit like an over excited umpa-lumpa in a chauffeurs hat! Charming but strange to travel upwards in a lift with a dwarf attached to my little there really any need? I’m guessing it is to obtain a tip but honestly we travel so light we could have managed..As a rule Hubby is a rucksack kind of guy, with two jeans, a handful of tee-shirts, couple of shirts and boxers for the number of days. I’m a zebra print wheelie case kind of girl with 17 outfits, 20 pairs of pants and as mainly toiletries as will fit in the remaining space..and all in a hand luggage size wheelie..Not bad huh!! seriously though it takes the piss to have to tip a Diddy man just for chaperone services with so little luggage but still…

Anyway, as is our individual habit, I throw myself on to the bed after putting on the kettle..he removes said kettle, washes it out thoroughly and proceeds to wash the remote control and strip the bed of everything apart from the essentials. His OCD theory being every possible bodily fluid that is invisible to the naked eye is on all of these items..from shite to semen,  to drool. He is convinced that unless Alex Polizzi has inspected the place we are bound to catch all sorts of life threatening diseases… honestly he’s hilarious..I of course humour my lovely man, sip tea and await the plan for our first day.

The gig isn’t until the following evening so we have time to explore. By now snow is falling in thick flakes so we wrap up warm to venture out.

Hat, scarves, gloves and warm coats, tights under jeans …he did take some persuasion to put these on….only kidding..the tights was just me, not him! At last we’re ready.

He asks again if I want to know who we are seeing and I still say “Nope”.  I’m still loving the fact I have no clue..Boy can this man keep a secret!!?? If I didn’t know him so well I would be suspicious of such a skill!

So on the white quiet streets of Gdansk we take in the local colour..well it’s white mainly but you know what I mean.The narrow streets are lined with Amber stalls and sweet hot chocolate and mulled spiced wine vendors. Roasted peanuts and polish sausages and all manner of delicious temptations to spoil your dinner. He treats me to a hot fresh donut and a promised mulled wine…for warmth, therefore medicinal really!? 😋


Walking hand in hand is sadly something couple’s only seem to do when away alone. It serves three real purposes..besides an easy and romantic reconnect as a unit it also stops me from wandering off into the underground cellar style shops selling Amber jewellery, silverware and general tourist junk…and it keeps at least one hand toasty warm …a win for each of us right there!

Next stop an Amber museum…sounds dull I know but actually was pretty fascinating. The huge chunks of the stuff with all kinds of flora and fauna unlucky enough to get trapped inside ..the look of shock on the face of a frog embedded in an Amber tomb is something to behold I tell you.. He didn’t see that coming when he was waiting for a snog from a hapless princess 🤗

So we hike the hundreds of steps to the top of towers, I insist on photos of me in gallows and with the frozen river behind me ..He reluctantly feeds my desire to load my photo file with Instagram worthy snaps…Being a hater of social media he fails to understand that addiction but humours me as I do him. It’s bastard cold in the wind so we decide to head underground for lunch..Cozy in our polish tavern we order local cuisine…dumplings for him, mushroom stroganoff for me. Lush and warming and washed down for him with beer and more spiced mulled for me..Just thawing out by the open fire is heavenly. I don’t want to move .We always marvel at how much fun we have together when away. Away from the everyday stresses of family and work life. He comments how we never fall out…🤔 *Mental note

Another hour flies by and we head back out into the white cold..trudging through the thick snow has a surreal romance to it.. especially as the Christmas decorations are still up. Different colored lights twinkling in the trees lining the quaint streets. Its truly magical…still bloody cold though and despite having the smallest nose of both of us I can no longer feel it. I complain about this fact and am told he lost feeling in his hours ago …

Passing surreal giant orbs and fairy-light covered wire reindeer, it feels like a fairy tale. Its late January yet Poland remains in Christmas mode….I repeat…really bloody cold but really beautiful.

Time for more mulled wine ..I need thawing again…fingers and toes numb now..It’s tea time so we grab a snack tea and head underground again into a Piano Bar..It’s a dark place but the best thing is you need to be hammered to even imagine the decor ….the walls are lined almost entirely by multicolored newsprint paper including the doors.Thus making a ‘Nip to the loo’ quite an adventure. Best to go before you’re desperate 😚In this climate your bladder shrinks to the size of a grape and freezes from the inside.

We settle ourselves in a booth with the intention of not moving until we have to amble back to the hotel.

Now, bear in mind we had an early start, a few sherbets in the airport lounge (rude not to, and a Pinot goes surprisingly lush with croissants). Coupled with the euphoria of just being alone and away to relax ,we were already pretty pissed.

Now as luck would have it a skimpy clad polish waitress struts up with a tray of shots of Jack Daniels Honey.We have never heard of it so accepted with some scepticism.Well, I kid you not, it was like Molton nectar! The heat of this first shot was a revelation…In fairness after calling her over four times we realised that was the last time we were going to get a freebie..Her screwy look made that blatantly clear.

I needed the loo. Not so incredible you might think. However, given the door to the loo was well hidden by the newsprint wall, this was actually quite a challenge.

As we discussed where the toilet door might be we noticed that my coat had also disappeared. Taken from me when we were seated I didn’t actually see where the waitress took it. Now if you know me personally, you will know I have something of an obsession for all things Desigual…so the realization that someone may have swiped my awesome and very expensive coat when it was minus ten outdoors was enough to sober me up..Well not quite but you know what I mean..I wasn’t best pleased…

So when I return from the loo I notice my beloved coat is on a hook opposite our booth and as perfectly camouflaged by the wall decor as a chameleon in a leafy tree. For what must be at least half an hour we are hysterical… posing with the coat on against the wall..he’s holding it open against the wall and we are basically acting Iike giggling children. All the while under the watchful and more than a little beady eyes of the JD Honey promo girl..I suspect she regrets allowing us four free shots now .We are pretty wasted to be fair 😂

So all of a sudden hubby goes quiet and looks oddly emotional. I am worried. He opens with “Ok so there has never been a good time to say this to you as we are always with the kids or busy ” *more worried.What the hell is the matter?

So he tells me he knows how I have always wanted more children of my own. Spent the previous year trying and even succumbed to some very unsympathetic treatment at the fertility clinic, which only served to produce the most painful injection induced ovulation ever..I mean EVER!!! I eventually threw in the towel, as the side effects far outweighed the minimal chance of the meds actually working.  We had a meeting with our consultant, who had worse bedside manner than Cathy Bates in Misery. She explained that my age was the main factor and denied the Depo Jab had effected my fertility. I was in fact a dried up old shrew with eggs only good for scrambling..or words to that effect! She was a pleasure..a real gift of a Consultant. We felt blessed to be under her care….Not!

Anyway Hubby went on the explain that over the years he had felt increasingly guilty as he stuck to his argument that he was satisfied as he already had three children (my stepsons and my daughter), so didn’t feel the need or urge for anymore. He continues to say how his reaction to me wanting more failed to appreciate I actually only had one child and had never set out to just have one. Lucky for him our daughter was doted on by her big brothers but it didn’t change the fact she was my only child.

He was eyes welled up emotional now, as was I. I’m not gonna lie, I was also a little miffed….With hot JD Honey coursing through my veins I felt a wave of sorrow. Sorrow for my daughter who on every wish, be it birthday , Christmas or otherwise had yearned for a baby brother. Sorrow that she had gone through her 10 + years expecting and hoping for something that never came . Sorrow for me …for the ache that secondary infertility brings every time someone asks “Did you not want any more kids of your own”.The DID being the most painful of the words as it suggested it’s now too late. I DID and I DID fucking try. Also it DID fucking hurt. It just never happened.

He is genuinely regretful and says he wants another baby. He feels he has more parenting to do. He wants to give me the son I always thought I would have. He will do whatever it takes to make this happen. He is animated in his decision. I am speechless and wondering how long he has been trying to tell me all this..I have been home!!? 😂 No matter, it’s out there now. I said Adoption is pretty much the only way and obviously being adopted myself it is a no-brainer.We decide there and then to make an initial enquiry to the local council on our return .

Then the heady mix of alcohol and highly charged emotions turned the mood dramatically. Now I don’t know if I’ve told you but my Hubby has a deep seated dislike for pretty much all things “Social media”…I only share snippets of my life online but am open to my closest friends. He sees Face Book (affectionately known as Faeces Book) as the scurge of Satan. Somehow it came up in conversation, I expect he was telling me something I already saw on Facebook and he’d hoped to tell me as new news…Anyway he launched his attack..

Why is it that if I’m on a night out at a gig with mates, before I’m even home to tell u about my night, you already know where I’ve been,which pubs we’ve had shots in etc etc????

I explain that it’s because your mates are in my Facebook as are their wives and my news feed will fill with images and tagged posts of your movements as they post to show what fun they’re having..why what are you trying to hide? 😂

“Absolutely Nothing of course but be nice to relay my evening to my wife myself !!I hate Facebook, it’s Facebook’s fault that I can’t do that.

I respond with “It isn’t Facebook at fault ,it is your mates who use it to post their can’t blame the software for your mates sharing their personal stuff!”

“Yes I can, it’s fucking Facebook’s fault”

“No it fucking isn’t ,it’s the users fault for sharing their information!”

“Nope, I disagree, it’s down to Facebook”

“It’s not,you should blame your mates”

“If it wasn’t for Facebook he couldn’t do it!”

“True but it exists and so does his ability to type and share his whereabouts to his Facebook followers”

“No you’re wrong, it’s Facebook at fault ”

“For christsakes, have you heard yourself ?!!So let me get this straight…the same argument could be said as follows then….a driver of a school bus mows someone down on a zebra crossing..he doesn’t see them and ploughs over the person and squishes them dead… BUT he can’t be blamed as it was the Bus at fault!”

“That’s different”

The argument raged on until we were both exhausted by it and pretty much forgot how it began so the evening ended with us passing out back to back in bed like grumpy bookends.

We missed breakfast

I thought I was gonna die

I also hated Facebook but not as much as I hated JD Honey

I was actually dying

I actually died ..

well for another few hours before we agreed to disagree and seek out something to cure our horrific hangovers…

I also agreed to put anyone in my Facebook who he was close to in Restricted so he was humoured.

He apologized for kicking off and we agreed to forget it….

Venturing out into the bleach white snow and dappled sunshine of the afternoon was a good start to clearing our heads.

We decided to wonder off the central map and visit the Solidarity Museum.I remembered news headlines about this revolution from my childhood.The moustached face and name Lech Wałęsa were evident and the exhibits showed the workers struggles for equal rights and pay etc. A few hours spent here and we were back to loving spending much needed quality time together..No more bickering and no more bloody JD…at least not until we were under carefully controlled conditions , ie at home where one or maybe two would undoubtedly put me to sleep!

We walk back out into the snow…it’s bloody cold now so next stop lunch and a drink. On the route back to the hotel we found a cute Asian fusion restaurant so heading in for noodles and glass of wine for me, beer for him. We chat amiably

That evening was my surprise concert! I was excited but still happy not to know who we were seeing. The taxi was booked for an hour before the start. We sat in traffic in heavy snow for an hour and 20 minutes 😦 We were to miss the start. Hubby was getting stressed as all this planning and secrecy and we were not there at the beginning.

Oddly travelling in the heavy snow and heavier traffic was interesting. I scanned the billboards on overhead bridges for posters giving me a clue. Nothing. I gaped into cars of others obviously stuck in the concert goer traffic .Looked for age profile clues. was a real mix of young, middle-aged and elderly. Still no clue who the famous face was to be. Obviously one of my favourites but I honestly couldn’t work it out.

We noticed people abandoning cars and taxis letting their passengers out to walk the last part of the journey. Really? In the snow? Er nope…saw no point of freezing my arse off and having to sit in wet clothes for this night of a lifetime. No, we would just have to hope we got there before we missed too much.

We finally pull up at the stadium. Still no clue! I have my glass water bottle confiscated and run to the loo before we go into the main auditorium. In the loo I still have no idea.

Then finally as we walk into the vast stadium I hear him. The velvet tenor tones of a master. My eyes well up as I hear him.

Andrea Bocelli is singing  Vivo Per Lei “I live for her” Just for me of course!!


His amazing show had me in raptures, and tears. The discussions of the previous evening still ringing in my ears and my emotions were already in free-fall. For the duration I was literally grinning from ear to ear and utterly speechless. My absolute favourite. Such a beautiful and inclusive concert. With thousands of people entranced it was as if we knew this amazing brave and talented man. In the programme he was advertised as also playing in Warsaw that July. We vowed to book to see him again for our Anniversary. He is well worth it I promise.

I cant tell you how much I loved my Hubby for this fabulous treat..He would struggle to beat this one so I suggested he didn’t try. This topped them all and we both knew it.

So the last day in beautiful Gdansk was spent souvenir shopping and more mooching around the Amber shops. Warming up in between with mulled wine and polish snacks.

When we got home we wasted no time in putting our plan in motion. First stop ….make initial enquiries to the local authority…

The road to Adoption was ahead of us and would be no less rocky than the road to my Birth Mother.

Within this journey are many other dramas. As is typical people and circumstances get in the way of life….watch this space…

Thanks for Reading…

Lots of Love

Black Sheep xxx

black and white sheep pair

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