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Black Sheep Sweet Dreams Adoption Journal

This is an honest, funny, and poignant portrayal of an adoption journey. It’s eye-opening and enlightening. Read an invaluable resource for anyone considering tracing their birth parents, specifically a birth mother. Follow Black Sheep as she navigates the twists, turns, and bumps in the road to achieve her goal-to reunite with her birth mother after over forty years. Enjoy a good belly laugh and possibly a cry with the promise that you will not regret reading this book. Friends admit to crying and laughing out loud in equal measure despite already knowing the tale. Live it with her. Be drawn into her world as she guides you step by step toward success. All adopted people have a missing piece of the jigsaw to find and every right in the world to find it too! Buckle up, grab your tissues, and settle in for what will prove to be a pretty bumpy ride


I do hope you have been enjoying this blog, there is much more to come. My Journey is now on sale so you can revisit the roller coaster that is my life! 🙂

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