Black Sheep Speaks – Podcast

Black Sheep Speaks Adoption- Reunion & Real Life – Muses & Memories

Black Sheep Speaks –

Adoption – Reunion & Real Life – Muses & Memories

Hi I’m Black Sheep, and if you haven’t noticed heard of me, I am a very vocal blogger when it comes to all things adoption. I also share most aspects of my real life . I swear a lot, I will make you laugh and cry and I really hope you enjoy my ramblings.

Adopted in the late 1960’s, a bundle of black joy . My new parents are an amazing middle class white couple who were already parents to my two big brothers.

I’ve had a fantastic blessed life and adore my family with all my heart…..’

However, part of being adopted is that realization that you have a piece of your life’s jigsaw missing. So, my journey took me on the roller-coaster of searching for birth relatives, especially my Birth Mother. It’s every adoptees’ right to do so, without guilt , but sadly life isn’t quite that simple is it?

Share my world in audio here…you can even let me now your thoughts and ask me questions if you need advise re Adoption, or anything else for that matter. In social media terms, I am a trans-racial adoptee adopter and author with a way with words…

Love to hear from you….Thanks for visiting!

  • Black Sheep Sweet Dreams #4

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