Poem : Father’s Day 2021

For more years than I can count I’ve picked an appropriate Father’s Day Card
Somehow not having to this year makes it doubly hard
Some say It’s commerical ,but it’s a day to cherish
To remember a decision made and a very special wish
A day to remember a wish my parents shared
A decision that proved just how much they cared
To take on a baby in need of a family
That baby we know just happened to be me

Father’s Day this year feels such a void
Like a Hallmark card Day, a day to avoid
It’s cruel he’s not here , the constant presence
I’ll watch as my children give their Dad his presents
I’ll smile alongside and hide how I’m feeling
In reality, inside I’m bereft, I’m reeling
Dad, I know you’re around me
I can feel you holding my hand
In truth I’m still struggling, I can’t understand
How long until this pain gets relief
For numbness to take over the bleakness of grief
When I sleep I wish you’d come to my dreams
To show me you’re happy , and healthy , it seems
As if time has stood still, yet life races on
I still talk to your photo , can’t accept that you’ve gone
Sleep easy sweet man, you fought hard and long
To lose a parent is life but it still feels wrong
I’ve learned much from you, not least to stay strong
So wrong that your life was blighted by pain
They say there are rainbows, only if there’s been rain
I’ll work through the storm as I’ve no other choice
What I’d give… one more time
To just hear your voice
The last words I heard were “I’m struggling a bit”
A bit was nowhere near, you’d never admit
So stoic and dignified, and protective of us
You never complained, never made a fuss
Im trying to keep busy, destracting myself
The days are ok but night creeps in with stealth
I miss you my hero, so we talk every day
I wish this weekend was not Father’s Day
Today and beyond you’ll be in my mind
My thoughts of a man, so gentle ,so kind
Watch over me now and beside me please walk
I’ll carry my memories, we will continue to talk
The bond that we shared, how we mutually cared
Can never be broken even though we’re apart
You’ll always live on, in this space in my heart

Happy Father’s Day Dad , smile down from Heaven x

Sleep Tight Dad 😘

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