Poem for a Fitting Send off…

I’m sure he would have been proud of all his children and grandchildren,we all did our bit! Sombre yet celebratory and respectful…I know he was watching and smiling his incredible smile 😁❤️💔

I was going to talk today as a means to saying Goodbye, but then I decided I would actually like to say Thank you to my beloved Dad


Thankyou Dad for the twinkle in your eye and your winning smile

I want to take you back in history, back quite a while,

An early memory running round your legs in my poncho

Of you pushing our sledge on the back fields in snow

Remember the drive to school, when you wouldn’t really talk

But then I didn’t speak either, just glad not to have to walk

Mum would complain as we were a grumpy morning pair

Stopped making our breakfast, she gave up in despair

From college I’d grab a lift from your office, almost nightly

How proud you were of your role, and quite rightly

Dedicated, hardworking , a much respected boss

I’m sure when you retired they all felt the loss

I flew from the nest to a damp riddled flat

After a few months I asked if I could come back

Independent and grown up, with lessons to learn

Apparently you were coming to discuss return home terms

Strangely enough, this never entered my head.

I was heading home, back to my old bed.

In your head were rules, in mine a hot meal.

Sorry Dad, I’d been packing for days, it was a done deal.

Your dignified fight in a battle so long

Not a word of self-pity, your spirit stayed strong.

When we learned you were poorly, we all felt the shock

I miss you already, my hero, my rock.

Brave to the end, you smiled at me, it felt like a gift

I’ve treasured the memory, made the dark clouds lift.

So mostly I thank you for being my Dad,

Ill try to be worthy, try not to be sad

I want to say Thank you, this isn’t goodbye.

Im blessed to have memories and ill try not to cry

Its true when I say to anyone who knows me

My life’s greatest gift is the day that you chose me

Thank You Dad, I love you xxx


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