Poem : Last Days

On a day like today the sky should have been blue

The sun should have shone on me and on you

A stunning rainbow gave me hope in my heart

Made me think of my childhood, where loving you could start

You were shown this black baby, this bundle of joy

You didn’t care if I was a girl or a boy

The quote you repeat when asked if “I’d do.?” was

“Yes ,she’ll do fine….

If I’d known at the time I’d have said

“Oh Yes Please, do make this man be my Daddy of mine”

Such courage to take me in as your own…. TWO wonderful people gave me love and a home

No doubt about it,you’d faced opposition

You didnt care and held your position

You were being my Daddy,no matter what!

You were my hero,my strength and my rock

I know it’s a cliche to be Daddies girl but I’m proud to be so, as you are my world

I could scream at Mother Nature who’s dealt this cruel hand

You’ve endured such pain and a struggle most couldn’t stand

So brave and so stoic ,my heart could break in two

For my Dad,once stood tall and proud this is true

No man on this Earth holds a candle to you

I see a tear roll down your face yet you are silent

I dab your cheek dry and wish I could vent

A Faraway look in your eyes, like you’re reliving the past

I want to scream ‘it’s not fair, time’s moving too fast”

You’ve drifted off to a world in your head

Let me join you, there’s so much to say, so much still unsaid

Dad, stay with me, I need you, I’m lost and I’m sad

My children adore you, their precious Grand- Dad

On your 80th birthday you reached for my hand

Love in your eyes says “Please understand”

Not a single word needed, your eyes say it all

I feel like my life and the world is in free-fall

“Be Happy my daughter, You know that I love you”

For both, in that moment history came into view

Like silent movie playing slow on a reel

I’m struggling to capture the way that I feel

There’s no greater love than daughter and dad

My heart yearns to relive the memories we had

So cruel Mother nature, she stole from us all…my dad never hurt you yet you made him fall

He’s loving and gentle and you screwed him over

Your cruel fingers, spiteful ways have dealt him this blow

To give him disease was the lowest of low

Never blight the evil but strike in the decent

It’s not like he deserved it, neither past or recent

He once asked my Mother the saddest of plea

He asked her without irony, he asked her “Why Me?”

I so wish I could answer with logic, it’s true

But honestly there’s no reason why it should have been You

Of all those I know who deserve good health

Your the one! The one who has a wealth

A wealth of poise, honour and finesse

An intellect with integrity, generous and pure

If Mother Nature knew you, she’d have spared you, I’m sure

If she knew you, my Dad, you’d be still walking tall

But she showed you no mercy, my Dad, this great man

I’ll never forgive her, for taking the best of my Dad

The Dad who chose to give me the great life that I’ve had

Selfless and giving he took nothing he’d not earned

She owes him the years of health and adventure he’d yearned

I’ll always struggle to accept the cruelness of fate.

Mother nature I’m going to be happy to hate

I’m angry with what I see as two selfish bitches

Mother Nature and Fate are no better than witches

My Dad is my world and deserved so much more

He’s suffering ,lost dignity and has soreness to endure

At retirement he should have be fit and been able

Not a shell of himself!! Silent, disabled

It’s just so unfair, I’m angry and sad

But no matter what, I love him, he’s my Dad

How cruel you’re in pain and distress at this point

In every inch of your skin, and in every joint

I’m praying the Angels will guide you back home

Your parents are waiting so you won’t be alone

It’s time for your rest , you put up such a fight

To struggle to stay with us, just isn’t right

Fly free my kind hero, please let yourself fly

We will grieve and of course you know that we’ll cry

It’s time for your sleep, to be healed and feel strong

For your end to be suffering is just plain wrong

My heart is cracked open , I need you to rest

Your strength and your courage is put to the test

But honestly Dad it’s ok to leave

We’ ll be fine, we will cry and we’ll grieve

You’ll always be with us in hearts and in minds

We’ll take comfort that you’re finally free of all pain

These days of Goodbye are breaking my heart ๐Ÿ’”

Life will continue whilst never being the same

I know the light is bright with hands reaching for you

Grandad Jo and Gran Fran are keen to embrace you

Don’t leave with regret or worry about Us

We will look after Mum,and she’ll be alright

It’s time to let go, walk into the light

Be brave and courageous, it’s time to let go

I’ll miss you so much Dad, my Hero

But I’ll see you again , I’m sure and I know

When I need you, you’ll guide me, the way you will show

It’s true what they say
That the soul will live on

In our hearts and our heads
Your soul will still thrive

It’s not just as flesh and bones
That you’ll stay alive

I love you so much and wish you good night
Let the pain go and walk into the light


Safe travels Dad, My love always xxx

Last Days

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