Racism.. What is it Really?

Racism..it’s been said often that you can’t understand it unless you’ve lived it. This is essentially true but some situations are close. For those who are not of an ethnic minority the closest you many experience is perhaps you are overweight and conscious you’re.carrying a little more timber that you’re happy with..You walk into a room of Instagram confident model types and they all turn and look at you. They then promptly sneer as if they know you.dont belong..Imagine you live in an all white Devon village and the elderly habitants from an era of war time clutch their granny bags under their arms and scurry away with a look of suspicious fear as you enter the local shop… THAT IS RACISM. imagine someone who u think you know well makes a jovial comment about how well your tans coming on this summer…or a chirpy “It’s dark Smile ,so I can see you hahaha THAT’S RACISM. You take a scowl from a stranger for absolutely no reason than the colour of your skin. THAT IS RACISM.. Someone is opening racist but denies it with “I know someone black ( friend of a friend, brother in law, etc) so I can’t be a racist’ THAT IS RACISM.. Being more comfortable in a relatively standard car rather than your dream car so you dont get stopped by police. THAT IS RACISM. Knowing you were on a lower salary despite achieving more profit that your white counterpart for the same job .THAT IS RACISM.. Seeing a colleague rise through the ranks despite being less qualified than you,his black colleague. THAT IS RACISM.. A knee on your neck killing you when you.call for.your mum and repeat that you cant breathe before taking your last breath.THAT IS RACISM and Murder .Martin Luther King had a dream. it clearly remains just that . With a racist leader of the free world Racism is alive and well. Don’t expect it to change any time soon. it won’t. But please,do not deny it if this is how you feel…to deny it is as bad as being it. Racism is no less in this country as in the USA. Sad but true.
If this post makes anyone feel uncomfortable, I don’t apologize..change the narrative..it’s easy, choose love and kindness, instead of ignorance and hatred.
RIP George Floyd..probably not perfect as none of us humans are but didn’t deserve to die at the hands of a cunt with a badge and an ego😡THAT IS RACISM.

Thanks for reading my rant

Much Love, an Angry Black Sheep xx


2 thoughts on “Racism.. What is it Really?

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