Black Sheep Sweet Dreams- A Review by my Sister

This is a bizarre post to write….but needs writing…So only a handful of folk have penned a review for my book.Thats absolutely fine as I wrote it for myself and not for reviews. As it’s the story of my life it needs no apology or edits. “I am what I am” as they say.

However this review is as surreal as it is special to me. You see, on this rollercoaster ride I call my life, I encounter new characters to add to my life’s stage every turn it seems someone new is a part of my world. This heart felt review is by my beautiful reunited Sister on my birth father side. As I’ve not met him I am not in a position to say much but what I do know is his genes are bloody powerful.The likeness between me and this lovely girl is uncanny. This is not especially in looks (though we do share the same features) Our personalities are more complimentary than they are the same.

I feel protective of her as well as my other siblings and know she will always have my back as I will have hers same but we both chatter non stop and are both opinionated.

You see this beautiful soul ,with kindly eyes and a gentle smile ,had known about me all my life. I, on the the other hand had no clue of her existence nor that of my other siblings. That said, when we met face to face it was as if we had known of each other the whole time and I quote”it was as if I’d been away a while and come back home,”

Don’t misunderstand me, my brothers are my world..and I will always be there bossing them around whilst organising their lives…my newly discovered siblings add a positive new dimension to my life and that of my children. All enhancements are truly welcome and I feel blessed beyond words

So let me share with you her thoughts on what she read of my book so far..I’m hoping she finishes it too as her feedback means the world to me

“Now eye finally have a moment sitting down to read this wonderful book written by my beautiful sister

First thoughts; extremely vulnerable real writing style. Eye see so much of myself in her and it’s really inspiring and boosting my confidence as a person.

Quite often eye sit down to read a book and feel in the first few pages already I’m tuning out but this time I’m actually gripped. Not just because of the content, my drive to know more about the journey of this amazing lady eye am proud to call my sister, but also because just simply eye feel like her way of writing is just like writing from my thoughts as her sentences carry into the next mirroring the natural motion of conversation. Having spent the weekend with her this doesn’t really surprise me as eye confirmed we both have a way with being able to hold a conversation…..hehehe x

Eye feel already that it’s building to some more emotional stuff so gonna grab some tissues close for when it happens… beautiful that eye can even feel that. It’s like when ewe make happy so as to smooth the later blows.

Not even quarter way but already really impressed. Just wanted to introduce ewe all to this wonderful book BLACK SHEEP, SWEET DREAMS

If ewe want a page turner that grips the heart eye encourage ewe to get urself a copy.

Love ewe Sis x so happy we found each other x

Serena ❤🤞

Thanks to her and any other valued reader of my story ❤️

Lots of Love

Black Sheep xxx

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