Be Genuine This Christmas

Just a thought… I’m wondering how many years I’ve mindlessly worked through my address book writing Christmas cards? How many have moved, or even know my youngest exists? How many don’t give me or mine a second thought until they do the same when they dust off their own address book?
Half probably don’t give a shit if I’m alive or dead but send one cos my address is still in their little book? We all do it..and we also know the stamp costs more than the card…we are kidding ourselves if we think its showing Christmas spirit or a gesture of faux Good Will. If you make zero effort with that person for the entire year then send a card as if to say You are in my thoughts, you are lying to yourself and to them. Its fucking paper people,, means nothing . if you give a toss, ring….if you care whether they are happy, healthy and even alive, ring them. If you have given them the time of day during the year they don’t need that tiny teeny gesture as they would feature in your life. I hate myself for doing exactly this again this year and then receiving cards from those who have done it to me. I am making a promise to myself NOT to do it next year. The worst are those who add their address, new or old on the card so you can update your sad old address book to continue the farce for more years to come.
Be genuine, be current and be present in the lives of those you want to wish a Happy New Year…it’s not a show where your part has to keep up an appearance..ffs bow out of the charade. I’ve accidentally sent a card to someone who dropped my arse from the highest height over Christmas two years is that about?..I don’t even miss her lol….she is dead to me yet will open a piece of cheap paper with jolly Christmas cheer and wonder why? She is right too as actually shes a prick who I would walk past in the street. That is my point ….the people who are important to you will know your shit, you will know what dramas and trauma they are facing and care enough to support them during the year…not pretend to care once a year with a card featuring a robin and snow scene
BURN YOUR ADDRESS BOOK or at least delete the folk you treat to a card yet treat them to nothing else

Merry Christmas to all my Lambs xxx

Much love
Black sheep xxx

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