Not Just An Ordinary Year

Some of you already know …a year to the day we met our new addition with a view to bringing him home. We were to become his forever family..details of this journey are to follow but feeling emotional this Easter knowing how important a date this weekend is for all of us. So, as is my way I am feeling poetic and compelled to try and sum up how I feel…

A Boy Born for Us

Who can imagine a year to the day..we travelled far to finally put this plan underway

A car packed with clothes,toys and supplies…not forgetting essentials like his beer and my wine

With a promise of adding to our welcoming brood… a sibling, a blessing ,a much wanted son

As miles became inches, this journey well travelled

Much imagined, on reality has really only just begun

We’ve found you, you’ve waited,my sweet boy we are coming

Despite determined opposition ,my sweet boy, Mummy is coming

So we meet for the first time,just a few hours to say Hi

Our nerves on high alert, I’m not gonna lie

You’ve seen photos, heard voices so You’ve nothing to fear

Asleep when we get there but you sense we are near

Those precious first moments of recognition, you’re shy and you’re coy

Its mutual love at first sight with this cute baby boy

As eyes meet eyes, in that split second your life is turned upside down

The trauma they speak of has just arrived

You see, we are that trauma, the upheaval you’ve survived

You are aware of these strangers, yet know us already

Your sister has gifts, a new jumper, a bib and a well chosen Teddy

It’s an easy few days of following routine… bonding so instant as if in a dream

We take trips to the park to share quality time

A push on a swing and see-saw to share

I notice the detail, like you have the same hair

The likeness uncanny and remains so today

Your big sister’s your idol, for guidance and play

You’ve bonded for life,the connection was clear

We all saw it and knew it,the memory I hold dear

It’s impossible to imagine before you, for sure

An adored family member sharing memories and more

Forget tears and the worry to get to this meeting

The stress and the fear now seem pointless and fleeting

I make you this promise a year since we met

I will cherish, adore you and never regret

You’re cheeky beyond but adorably funny

You have character more open than Pooh Bear with Honey

My heart is aglow with love for this boy

Those who apposed this union can’t steal our joy

We did a good thing here, of this I am sure

Adoption is giving him a life of love, safe and pure

My own experience gives me insight into how he’ll be raised….

No need congratulations or to be praised

What I know is a year today my life came unstuck

This bub is a minx and I’ll need all the luck!

But he’s endearingly cute and was sent from above…

A blessing, a godsend who just needed Love xxx

Lots of Love

Black Sheep


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