Its National Adoption Week 2016- A Poem by Black Sheep

Its National Adoption Week 2016….

Many children await their forever families .

On an island

Imagine, by Black Sheep

Imagine never hearing the word Mummy from the mouth of a small person.

I cant.

Imagine never knowing if you will hold the hand of a small person knowing that small gesture makes them feel safe.

I cant

Imagine never holding that warm little body to calm their sobbing and sooth their fear

I cant

Imagine if you never hear the words ‘I love you’ spoken from the very soul of that small person

I cant

Imagine growing old and looking back wondering if you would have made a great parent

I cant

Imagine if you never shared the joy of success in that child as they grew

I cant

Imagine not having a fridge covered in bright colourful hand prints and wonky self portraits

I cant

Imagine never watching your small persons eyelashes flicker as they sleep and dream of fairies and fantasy

I cant

Imagine not bathing that grazed knee and watching it heal

I cant

Imagine not seeing the sheer joy on that little face as they rip open that longed for toy

I cant

Imagine the fear and uncertainty of not knowing if you will be fed tomorow

I cant

Imagine being told you are moving home again for the 5th time in as many years

I cant

Imagine if your next meal is just a stale biscuit and you are told to be grateful

I cant

Imagine your little ears ringing with the noise of shouting, banging doors and fighting

I cant

Imagine the constant stench of being unwashed and dirty under your unkempt clothing

I cant

Imagine having fear of the front door opening to reveal yet another person to take you away

I cant

Imagine if you face this winter with the same fear and dread of being cold and hungry as last year

I cant

Imagine meeting a new sibling for the first time and knowing they want to be with you

I can

Imagine finding a Mummy and Daddy who want to shower you with love and keep you safe

I can

Imagine knowing this is your forever family and you can stay and never move alone again

I can

Imagine learning that you have finally come home

I can

Imagine being told you are so loved and very much wanted

I can

Imagine knowing next Christmas or Birthday will be better than the last

I can

Imagine having a piece of paper that says you are hear to stay forever

I can

Can you Imagine???

Where are your Roots

Put yourself in the shoes of that small person…this week give some thought to the journey of this small person and how you could make a difference in their life.

Reach out to your local Adoption Agency or the Social Services if you think this small person could be part of your family!

Families for children is an amazing local Adoption Charity

families for children….alongside your local authority you can get support to travel on this journey if you think you can give a loving home to one or more of the hundreds of small people waiting in the system.

Had my parents not taken the leap of faith , adopted me without hesitation or reservation, I would not be here today. My journey is familiar to you but many others out there need you to help them create their own story…

I mean, I turned out alright didn’t I?? Ha…#dontanswerthatone!

Thanks as always for reading

Black Sheep xxx

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