“Va pensiero”-Your Thoughts

Although the translation is vague I think it pretty apt in the scheme of things. A much respected and loved Uncle , is now trusted with my blog….He is passionate about music and often gifts me with the latest inspiring sonets both old and new. We share a love of Andre Bocelli who I am blessed to have seen in the flesh and due to again! I cannot wait

Anyway I know you are dying to know about my meeting with my BM this week and I promised you tit-bits so be patient.

In the meantime I want to share a piece of music my Uncle felt was very appropriate to my Journey and when I located the translated lyrics I am inclined to agree.

I have come a long way, I remain sane (well some may beg to differ) and I know my future will continue to be a roller-coaster. That’s the nature of my life and I cannot say its a bad thing. Its just a thing!

Music is a medium that if you switch your mind off from everything else and let it wash over you can have a profound effect.

Listen and read the lyrics and you will get why this kindly Uncle felt the connection between the song and my story…

Enjoy…The video version is Pavarotti with some bloke in a hat? Zucchero….his words are a bit made up but follow the Big Bearded fella for the true Va Pensiero…love Pavarotti of course!!:-)

“Va pensiero” English Translation

Hasten thoughts on golden wings.
Hasten and rest on the densely wooded hills,
where warm and fragrant and soft
are the gentle breezes of our native land!
The banks of the Jordan we greet
and the towers of Zion.
O, my homeland, so beautiful and lost!
O memories, so dear and yet so deadly!
Golden harp of our prophets,
why do you hang silently on the willow?
Rekindle the memories of our hearts,
and speak of the times gone by!
Or, like the fateful Solomon,
draw a lament of raw sound;
or permit the Lord to inspire us
to endure our suffering!


With Love

Dancin sheep in love

Black Sheep


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