“Where Does Love Start?”

After a particularly stressful morning, this landed in my Inbox. Believe me when I tell you I believe in a sixth sense. It couldn’t have arrived at a better time to lift my spirits.

Who sent it ? My Birth Mother sent it….:-) Original author unknown to me but actually to me it doesn’t matter. The sentiment and the sender are what makes it special………..Enjoy….

“Where Does Love Start?”
Where does love start? Where else but deep within a mother’s heart.
Through pain, hunger, tiredness and big feet, she disciplines herself from things she couldn’t drink or eat.
She makes a house a home and feeds you from her mouth, she cried tears of joy when she heard your first shout.
It took nine months for you to come but it will take a lifetime for her to let you leave, mothers’ love brings sweet relief.
Ask me again, “Where does love start?” Where else I say, but deep within a mothers heart.
She smiles when others are tempted to cry, she makes warm meals from cold nothings and everything she touches has value because it will forever remind you of her.
She’s strong beyond measure, where the good road ends, her journey begins, and when life gets people down and there is nothing to say, she sings and rocks life’s troubles away.
She’s a nurse to the sick, a dream come true for those who wish, she’s a soft touch, a hug or a kiss.
She’s more than what she appears to be because her love runs deep into every mountain and valley.
She’s life to the dying and a cool breeze in any desert. She’s built for pain and to absorb hurt.
She’s woman, God’s gift to the earth.
Ask me again, “Where does love start?” My answer remains the same, “Deep within a mother’s heart!”

Thanks again for reading….

Black Sheep xxx

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