Respect Yourself

I appreciate feedback as much as the next person. Likes are great too and I notice a lot of controversy on WordPress right now about people ‘ Pimping for Likes’. Never heard of this myself and frankly wouldn’t know how either 🙂 Like my blog or not , I actually don’t write it for anyone who thinks this is a competition for attention. Hey if I want attention there are easier and less harrowing ways of getting it, believe me.

Feedback I received recently was that my blog was ‘Heavy’. Opinion is opinion and I respect anyone’s, especially this persons. However I am not sure they really got the point entirely.  If you are not adopted you wont and you really aren’t expected to either, so that’s cool by me.

I am writing this to make it clear to anyone travelling this road that it is not for the faint hearted. My intention is to heal myself and help anyone who finds it useful. Those who don’t will move on wont they?. This is also fine.

This is NOT a fantasy. NOT a Fairytale and NOT expected to have you rolling on the floor in fits of laughter. It is however, a true account of MY own life’s journey, unedited and in some places yes fairly pithy and gloomy. Everyone’s experiences will be different and that’s the variety of life isnt it? My own can only be seen at face value, there’s no lines to read between, no hidden agenda or subliminal meaning. It is what it is. End of. I hope someone is enjoying it 🙂

Anyway my final point here is that the first and most important thing to remember in embarking on this journey is that there will be ups and downs but as long as you follow one simple piece of advice you will come out the other end in one piece and relatively sane

That advice? Be happy with what you see in a mirror  looking back at you & RESPECT YOURSELF!!!!

Thanks for reading, more later


Black Sheep xxx
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2 thoughts on “Respect Yourself

  1. Wonderful and honest blog. Really enjoying the journey you are taking us on. Real insight and clarity into how you have experienced this x


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