NORCAP Contact Register Now Being Held by Administrators

Just found this information on NORCAP  website: As I contacted them myself it is worthy of note for those seeking their help:

“Until 31st July 2015 when it went into Administration, BAAF was the temporary guardian of the electronic data held on the NORCAP Contact Register (NCR). BAAF became the temporary guardian on 21st February 2013 after AAA-NORCAP went into administration. The NCR holds the contact details for approximately 60,000 adopted people and birth relatives, but it was not in a viable format to confirm with accuracy that a person had registered or that a match or contact had been made.

Prior to BAAF going into administration, BAAF was in communication with Department of Education, Ofsted, Information Commissioner’s Office and the General Registrar’s Office to explore if and how we could develop the NCR into a viable format and obtain the resources to do this. Unfortunately due to BAAF’s demise we were unable to complete this task.

The NCR is now in the hands of BAAF’s Administrators, Smith & Williamson, who are now responsible for making a decision about the NCR’s future.

Access to Adoption Case Records previously managed by NORCAP

Oxfordshire County Council is providing storage for some adoption case records which remained active for intermediary services at the time NORCAP ceased trading in January 2013.

The following is the agreed protocol for the management of these cases:

Requests for adoption case records 

    • Individuals who believe that Oxfordshire County Council may have their records, and wish to access them, must first contact a registered adoption support agency. No requests by individuals will be accepted.
    • The adoption support agency must send the request on behalf of the individual in writing to:

Oxfordshire County Council Adoption Support Team,
4440 Nash Court,
John Smith Drive,
Oxford Business Park South,


Tel. 01865 323114

  • The ADOPTION SUPPORT TEAM will establish whether the requested records are being held and if so, will retrieve them through the Records Store.
  • Retrieved records will be forwarded by recorded delivery to the requesting local authority who will be asked to confirm receipt and the new location of the file will be recorded on the Oxfordshire County Council database.
  • These records cannot be returned to Oxfordshire County Council.
  • Records will be stored by Oxfordshire County Council for 75 years from the date they were received (ie. until 20/02/2088).

see for further info

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