A Mother’s Love

I am putting this in my Birth Mothers Birthday card………….so now you know, Yes I found her…hence the minor tweak to this poem….so much has happened and changed in the last 3 years , some for the good , some not , some hurt, some healed BUT know this..we are who we are, we make mistakes. We live and die by our own sense of worth and values. Above all, if we survive, it was all meant and part of the overall plan for us….read this and don’t waste a single second of your life with regrets……….my story is as unique as yours is…I am on the verge of sharing it with you , emotional as it is ,but I am….watch this space and forgive me for making you wait!:-) The love and support of great friends and an amazing husband help . So , If anyone actually reads this blog I hope it inspires and dosnt frustrate..love to hear from you and your stories…will likely give me the kick up the arse I need to get my act together and focus…either way its certainly cathartic to write it….x

My Birth Mum

Loving and gracious the
Women I’ve recently met.
She made a difficult decision and
She will debate that decision for the
Rest of her life.
It was something she knew she had to do
She did it with
A Mother’s Love.

She thinks about me everyday
Every birthday, Every Mothers Day
Hurt will always be there.
I would not be the person
I am today without
A Mother’s Love.

I can never thank her enough
For all the pain
She must go through
To give me a wonderful life
She had to show the biggest amount of
A Mother’s Love.

Source: http://www.familyfriendpoems.com/poem/my-birth-mom-a-mothers-love#ixzz3soM2S09d


Love from Black Sheep xxx

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