2 thoughts on “Kate Mulgrew: The Child I Gave Up

  1. I would never dream of reading this book. I don’t care what this woman excuse is, how much she made herself look like a victim, or how bad she beat herself up for giving up her child. I was an abandoned child, and it never affected me while I was growing up, but it did affect me after I had my own children and I realized how I could never of done what they did to me and my sister. When I met them they blamed everyone but themselves. The cigarette burns on my chest, they denied. Not feeding us or getting so fucked up they couldn’t walk. Never happened. I know that times get tough and parenting while young can be overwhelming, but I refuse to be the adult in the situation and do all the understanding. It’s time they understand what they did to us.

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    • I agree entirely David, I tire of reading BM stories painting themselves as victims . The fact is now I have found mine she is needy, demanding and self pitying yet attempting to control me when I am in fact a stranger to her in reality. The baby/child given up for adoption is done so without any say so for themselves and it is wrong for either BM or adoptive mother to take a stance of Me Me Me when a child has no choice and decisions are made on their behalf. Sadly I find in my later life both Adoptive Mother and BM are so similar I am close to walking away from both!More of that in my blog when I get my head in the game again…keep reading 🙂 Your feedback is appreciated xx


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