Be Patient…This is a long Journey to travel

Everything Comes to you...

Everything Comes to you…


Watching Long Lost family last night and as usual tears welled up and spilled down my face. I am not alone in that but for me watching it now differs so much from the emotions of watching it a couple of years back. You see in December 2012 I finally found my Birth Mother.

I will detail the whole process in due course but suffice it to say I am one of the lucky ones.

Mindful of how pear-shaped the outcome could have become I want to warn you , its not a journey to take if you are either struggling with anything in your life at the same time. So if you have an unresolved family issue or are recovering from illness, divorce or anything else stressful please put this trip on hold until all in your world is peachy. Promise me you will as you will regret searching with too much going on in your life to contend with.

In my case, my support network was in place.Good long term friends, my husband and those who knew me of old were all primed and on standby to pick me up if I faltered and offer a shoulder to lean on or cry on if needs be. I even prepped my GP. 🙂 Yes I did! I never suffer emotional depression (only the usual self doubt or dips at certain times of life, ie divorce or bereavement but never actually need medication . However, this was a new experience and no one can know how it will affect you or those around you so I decided if I dipped to the point of needing medical help then it made sense that my lovely family GP was forewarned as in forearmed!! He actually served as a great support along the way so its worth mentioning your plans to your GP if you can.

The most important thing to remember is Patience…there will be so many false starts and inevitable disappointments that you will often feel like throwing in the towel. Whatever the outcome you need to get to the end of the road so have your wits about you, draw on your inner strength and lean on those you trust and you will get there…

Regret Nothing

Regret Nothing

My next post will start the journey and you can follow the process or not, its entirely up to you…..



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