I’m Back…with a little note…

Just a note to say I am back./..been a while I know! I was recently asked What I am most proud of in my personal life. I have won awards, been praised for achievement by my peers. Never really been praised or felt pride from my adoptive family though so its ironic how I answered that question….

I am most proud of searching out and finding my birth mother in 2012, a week before my birthday. The process was a huge roller-coaster and took around a year of heartbreak and tears. BUT I found her and now have a great easy relationship with the woman who gave me life. Some people close to me reacted badly but for me it was the most important head hunt of my life (having been in recruitment for 12 years I do have the skills) and the most natural. Others supported me 100% and commend my bravery as it could so easily have been a negative outcome. I am very proud of myself for resilience of character to fulfill this dream and believe it makes me a better person and fills a void that is naturally present in any adoptee

I am sure you will agree……..Would love to hear your thoughts on how you feel your search is being perceived by those around you. I am still reeling from reactions of those who I considered amongst the closest to me and therefore understood me the most. You live and learn and some things are more important than forgiveness of others jealousy or lack of empathy

We are adoptees and we have the right to know where we are from and those who say different clearly aren’t adopted right?? So People go with your heart, regret nothing but seek the answers you need as I did…I promise to outline the whole journey in time (when I have the time and as always apologise how lax I am at updating…Life is sop hectic but this summer I will try  harder!!

Regret Nothing

Regret Nothing


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