For My Angel – A Poem – by Leigh Johnson

For My Angel – A Poem
You were very unexpected,
but you’re special in my eyes.
Nobody’s celebrating,
but My Dear, you are the prize.

People say you were an accident,
but that is so untrue.
You’re a gift from high above;
my Angel through, and through.

If I could go back,
I wouldn’t change a thing.
I couldn’t live without you,
you make my heart sing.

Sometimes I sit and wonder,
…..if you had never been…..
I’ve been through so much pain,
but I’d do it all again.

Some people said don’t keep you,
but I did not agree.
Some people said I’m stupid,
they were blind and could not see.

That you were meant to be here,
and to cherish everyday.
You’re my heaven sent,
and you’re perfect in every way.

Some people said to give you up,
but that’s something I could not do.
You are my Baby Girl,
and I need to be with you.

Ten tiny little fingers,
ten tiny little toes,
one tiny little body,
one tiny little nose!!

You are so small and innocent,
you’re perfect all around.
You’ve got the special baby smell,
you make that baby sound.

Nobody came to party,
only few came to see.
You are not what was desired,
but you are no less dear to me.

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